donnerstags: live konzerte, urban sound & hip hop
freitags: house clubnacht
samstags: entertainment / mixed program


mi 27 i 20.00h

jazz cartier

live concert by melt!, juice magazin & splash! mag
support: saba

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do 28 i 23.00h

mike skinner & murkage
present tonga

line up: mike skinner, mc murkage, tonga
support: walter vinyl (through my speakers) &
chix (through my speakers/boilerroom)

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fr 29 i 23.00h

dj spinna's reminder

line up: dj spinna (wonderwax/bbe) – 4 hours extended set
support: inkswel (bbe/oye/hot shot sounds), alex seidel (oye/money $ex)

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sa 30 i 15.00h

die 50 schönsten rapper #3

15.00h live im backyard/oranienhof
21.00h aftershow party im club mit den geheimsten djs der stadt

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mo 02 i 20.00h


live concert by melt!, splash! mag, backspin, juice magazin,
vevo & byte fm

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xjazz festival im charles:

do 05 i 20.30h

fkj x kami awori

live concert + aftershowparty

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do 05 i 23.00h

xjazz x hip hop don't stop

live: the green house expansion (nyc/berlin)
hosted by fkj x kami awori (geneva/paris)

djs: giam (hhds), dj san gabriel (hhds)

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fr 06 i 20.30h

mop mop
record release show

feat. anthony joseph & wayne snow
aftershowparty mit osunlade

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fr 06 i 23.00h

osunlade's reminder

support: dede (rise), the ivory boy (box aus holz),
tim vitá (bbe/prince charles)

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sa 07 i 23.00h

das rappening –
reclaim the streets

line up: palina rojinski & many more!

do 12 i 23.00h

red light district

line up: tba

sa 14 i 20.00h

korean hip hop night

kimchi, bbq & party!

line up: tba

so 15 i 21.00h

j.a.w. with
jeremy underground

line up: jeremy underground (my love is underground - paris),
zaf lovevinyl (bbe, love vinyl - london) & j.a.w. family (paris, berlin)

mo 16 i 20.00h


live concert by trinity music

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mi 18 i 21.00h

allan kingdom

live concert by melt! & splash! mag

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do 19 i 23.00h

the fresh prince club
family matters edition

line up: tba

fr 20 i 21.00h

suol mates

live concert + label night
line up: tender games (live concert), till von sein, chopstick & johnjon,
larse & meggy

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sa 21 i 22.00h

i love engtanz

presented by picknick

line up: tba

do 26 i 23.59h

full scale

line up: skratch bastid

fr 27 i 23.00h


house night presented by tyree cooper and bobby starrr

line up: roy davis jr. (strictly rhythm, defected),
mandel turner - manmadesessions (real tone, defected),
tyree cooper (jack the box, dancemania),
bobby starrr (jack the box, save the black beauty)

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sa 28 i 23.00h

beste deutschrap

line up: tba

di 31 i 20.00h


live concert by konzertbüro schoneberg

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