donnerstags: live konzerte, urban sound & hip hop
freitags: house clubnacht
samstags: entertainment / mixed program


di 01 i 19:00h


"you should be here"-tour 2015
support: nico adomako

mi 02 i 23:00h

black tape
aftershow party

falk schacht
dj masterquest
+ secret act

do 03 i 21:00h

dillon cooper

"the ridiculous and driven"-tour 2015
support: k-natural (bizarreridelive / us), dj batman, ill o.

+ aftershowparty

fr 04 i 23:00h

the gym exposé

w/ josa peit (live), brandt brauer frick, the cowboy, pierre chevallier

sa 05 i 15:00h

burgers & hip hop
**2yrs** all-star special

all-star line-up on the decks

do 10 i 18:45h

native sessions
performance techniques
vol. 1

an insider's guide to turntablism
presented by native instruments & telekom electronic beats
featuring djs craze, unkut & rafik


do 10 i 23:00h

full scale vol. 05

w/ djs craze, unkut & rafik
presented by prince charles, urbanology berlin & native instruments

sa 12 i 23:55h

horse meat disco

jim stanton, filthy luka (horse meat disco london)
+special guest: inkswel (bbe/hot shot sounds)

do 17 i 23:00h

full scale vol. 06 x
through my speakers

w/ nght drps, soulmind, walter vinyl & tms soundsystem,
urbanology soundsystem
+ a very very very special xmas guest!

fr 18 i 19:00h


"weihnachten als wären deine eltern noch zusammen"-edition

ab 19:00h bestedeutschrap-weihnachtsmarkt
ab 23:00h bestedeutschrap-party
visa vie, ghanaian stallion (megaloh), cratzmeister calle (beste),
deutschrap-karaoke uvm.

sa 19 i 22:00h

i love engtanz

picknick küsst charles

sa 26 i 23:00h

the what x baambi lounge
xmas edition

beathoavenz, alex gallus, d-rush, vijay chatterjee, iamkimkong

so 27 i tba


korean x-mas party

do 31 i silvesternacht ab 01:00h

fresh year's eve
by the fresh prince club

90s classics floor:
sol tight, iamkimkong, alex gallus,
michel niknafs & alex krüger aka die hit giganten
90s hip hop floor: urbanology soundystem
90s hymns floor | hof: baba babes, konni kravall
90s techno floor: cosmic trash

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