mi 23 i 21.00h

meet the next generation

night of the talents präs. von havana club
live: jen dale, foool & wyn davies music
djs: stimulus, monsieur dope & boogie dan
#academiadelron #havana

free entry

fr 25 i 19.00h

sounds familiar w/
dego & the 2000black,
volcov & ge-ology

konzert & afterparty

19.00h konzert: dego & the 2000black family (live band),
support yuko asanuma

23.00h afterparty mit volcov – neroli, lee collins (soul in the hole), ge-ology (altered soul experiment), dego (2000black / sound signature), patrick gibin aka twice (blend it!) & amila (altered soul experiment)
#soul #jazz #house

supported by hhv records & xjazz

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sa 26 i 23.00h

swim good
volume 3

live: vilify & peter hadar aka peter winstead jr.
djs: $ch€ib€nwisch€rgang, monsieur dope, no mango & stimulus
#future #live

box office only


fr 01 i 21.00h

artificial pleasure

präs. von loft concerts

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fr 01 i 23.00h

luvthang pres.
young marco & san soda

line up: young marco (esp institute / dekmantel), san soda (we play house),
jana falcon & mr. fonk (smile for a while) & vinc (luvthang)

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sa 02 i 23.00h

next stop:
hhds x tube x charles

live: melanie charles (gorrilaz/nyc)
djs: dj richie reach (yard/paris), maxxx (haftbefehl/tube/berlin),
schowi (0711/berlin), b-star (tube/berlin), michel niknafs (prince charles/hitgiganten) & san gabriel (hip hop don't stop/berlin)

fr 08 i 23.00h

todd terry's rewind

line up: todd terry (x-mix productions/nyc) – extended set,
thabo getsome (defected / king street sounds) &tim vitá (prince charles)

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sa 09 i 23.00h

absolut lolla x
dj maxxx' birthday bash

more information tba
#lollapalooza #afterparty

box office only

fr 15 i 23.00h

gang gang

more information tba

box office only

sa 16 i 22.00h

i love engtanz

präsentiert von picknick berlin
more information tb

box office only

mi 20 i 20.00h

lil peep

konzert präs. von melt! booking
#rap #live
age restriction 16+

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fr 22 i xx.00h

meltin charles

melt' booking x prince charles
more information tba
#melt #princecharles

box office only

sa 23 i 12.00h

crate diggers berlin

record fair 12.00h – 18.00h
line up: tba

after party 22.00h - 6.00h
line up: kenny dope (kdope productions/ny), andrès (mahogani music/la vida), breakbeat lou (ultimate breaks and beats/ny),
zernell (grimy/chicago/la)
#vinlymarket #disco #funk #house #hiphop

free entry

fr 29 i 19.00h


konzert präs. von trinity music
#rnb #live

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fr 29 i 23.00h

royal family #4

präsentiert von dj rafik
more information tba
#bass #future

box office only

sa 30 i 23.00h

the fresh prince club

more information tba

box office only


fr 06 i 23.00h

house of love

line up: kez ym (faces records/city fly) & berlin bass collective
more information tba
#house #disco

sa 07 i 15.00h

burgers & hip hop

streetfood market
more information tba
#burger #streetfood #hiphop

fr 13 i 23.00h


left is right tour 2017
support: grzly adams, dj mugzee & dj drush

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sa 14 i 23.00h

the what x baambi lounge

more information tba
#hiphop #rnb

box office only

do 19 i 20.00h


konzert präs. von ask helmut, byte fm, cardinal sessions & xjazz
#electronic #live

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fr 20 i 23.00h

ed banger

cassius, busy p, boston bun, feaz + support von turkish
#french #edbanger

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di 24 i 23.00h


more information tba
#drake #hiphop

do 26 i 19.00h


konzert präs. von melt! booking

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sa 28 i 23.00h


more information tba

mo 30 i 20.30h

girls in airports
live at scope festival

konzert präs. greyzone concerts & karsten jahnke konzerte
#jazz #indie #live

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